David Douglas

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David L Douglas began playing guitar at age 8 and has never stopped. Playing in bands rock and cover bands through his youth and then moving onto acoustic folk Americana style music later on in his career.
Having made his first two albums which are fingerstyle acoustic instrumental albums decided one day that he had a few things he wanted to say. So he decided to start singing again which he had stopped singing in his youth. Upon deciding to start using his voice as another instrument he soon realized that singing wasn’t as easy as he had thought or remember as a child. So he sought out a voice teacher and has been learning since and still taking lessons. Once he felt comfortable singing in front of people and singing original songs he had written he decided to record his first Singer/Songwriter album his 3rd which is titled Heart Songs . Now into 2018 he has just finished his 3rd album titled Intentions and performs these songs all over the Northwest and is jumping on the National Festival scene this coming summer of 2018

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