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Tony Smiley

Tony Smiley, guitar, bass, keys, drums, beatbox, vocals, loop-ninja-ing

Since 2000, Tony Smiley has captured audiences with raw rhythms of all live looping. This musical savant loops his way through a unique genre of music that you won’t find anywhere else. All with a witty, engaging, and energetic stage presence. His cosmic dance of electric melodies range from rock, hip hop, […]

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Alonzo Garbanzo

ALONZO GARBANZO (Dennis Castañares) sings and plays 6- and 12-string guitars (and piano, and bass, and several other things—usually not simultaneously). His 400-plus-song repertoire includes medieval songs, songs in languages not yet invented, originals, and all kinds of covers. His music has been called “Martian Celtic baroque bluegrass reggae-blues rock folk”, quite rightly. Alonzo has over 430 YouTube music videos […]

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Larry & Raven

Working together now for 6 years, Larry and Raven perform in Mexico in the winter and the Pacific Northwest in the summer. Striving for tight vocal harmonies, accompanied by acoustic guitar they cover music that spans 6 decades as well as their own original material.

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Art Viloria Downtown Hood River!

Art Viloria is a solo instrumental guitarist performing
original Nuevo Flamenco and Latin Jazz music.
His music invites you on a musical journey to unique
places that you can savor and experience.

In addition to his solo work, Art also does ensemble
work with his group, Trio Eclectique d’ 903.

For more information on Art, please visit his website
at: www.artviloria.wordpress.com

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Kelly Mackin

Kelly Mackin began playing music at the age of twelve and ultimately studied guitar at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and music production and composition at Hampshire College. The founding general manager of the vocal music academy, Transformational Voice Institute, Kelly has studied voice for over six years with respected vocal artist and technical coach, Linda Brice.

Kelly performs in a […]

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