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Tony Smiley

Tony Smiley, guitar, bass, keys, drums, beatbox, vocals, loop-ninja-ing

Since 2000, Tony Smiley has captured audiences with raw rhythms of all live looping. This musical savant loops his way through a unique genre of music that you won’t find anywhere else. All with a witty, engaging, and energetic stage presence. His cosmic dance of electric melodies range from rock, hip hop, […]

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We’ll be pouring wine at the 14th Annual Hood River lavender DAZE Festival

Our Lavender DAZE Festival is the best time of year to visit our farm. It is the peak of our lavender season so you will not miss out on any blooms. We have 80+ varieties of lavender and 2 main species. Our English lavender species start to bloom in June and our French lavender is in bloom by July. With […]

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Live Music with The Winterlings

With songs as vivid as feature films, Northwest indie-folk duo The Winterlings take listeners on
unexpected journeys, soaring with astronauts, hitchhiking in Alaska, fighting beside a female Civil War
soldier, and walking deeper into the forest of human existence. PASTE called their January 2016
release, You Are Acres, “a gorgeous follow-up to their stunning debut” (2010’s The Animal Groom), and
No Depression called their […]

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