Barrel Aging: Getting Better with Age

Have you ever wondered why some wines are aged in oak and some are not? Barrel aging in winemaking is a beautiful, necessary, and often overlooked  process.  Without oak, many wines we love would not exist as we know them.  Traditionally speaking, most white wines are not aged on oak, while most reds are.  However, as wine makers experiment with […]

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It’s spring, and that means it’s time for babies! Well, vine babies at least. We’re planting 2.5 acres of Pinot Gris and 2.5 acres of Chardonnay this month, bring our total planted acreage at the farm to 20 (the other 15 acres are Pinot Noir). It’ll be years until we get estate wine from these little ones but in the […]

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A Party Too Big for One Night

Our Grand Opening Weekend March 18-20 was a fabulous celebration! Friday's ribbon cutting (boosted by bagpiper Mark McCormick) attracted a crowd and it was a whirlwind from that moment onwards. Chic Preston and John Bunzow initiated our stage on Friday evening, while the Kit Garoutte Trio with Boyd Small kept the party going on Saturday. We've settled into a groove of opening daily at noon, with music on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and occasionally other nights, too. See the Events page for the latest listings.

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Ready, Set, Go!

We officially opened our doors on Friday, March 4th, and welcomed our town’s First Friday traffic into our newly-finished tasting room. Guests who visited during our Valentine’s Sneak Peek three weeks earlier marveled at our new granite bar (SO much better than the temporary plywood one covered with black fabric!). Our tasting room now has glass in the windows instead […]

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Valentine delight

Our Sneak Peek Valentine Weekend was a roaring success! We were thrilled to see so many familiar faces, and to welcome lots of new folks, too. Besides this happy quartet pouring wine, the behind-the-scenes staff also worked hard to keep the (nearly finished) tasting room running smoothly. Big smiles all around, and lots of laughter throughout the weekend. It was […]

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Our crazy old apple tree

This Gravenstein is the last orchard apple tree standing on our farm. It symbolizes five generations of Fletchers, a touchstone of the legacy that began with apples and pears. The orchard has been transitioning into a vineyard for awhile now, but we’re keeping this ancient fellow. It is so old, it is nearly hollowed out inside, yet it still manages […]

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Sisters and blisters

While it’s more fun to drink Pinot Noir than harvest it, sisters Jill and Jody grabbed their clippers and went to work. It was a perfect autumn day, and spotting busy folks and orange buckets throughout the vineyard was inspiring. As far as blisters go… Jody will never forget her work gloves again.

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A thrilling sight

Not everyone may get as excited as we do about this photo. The field is prepped, the irrigation lines have been laid and we’re about to plant baby Pinot Noir vines that will (hopefully) grow into something wonderful. Planting a new vineyard is expensive, exhausting but also surprisingly romantic. Every vineyard develops its own unique character; it’s like planting a […]

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