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Our crazy old apple tree

This Gravenstein is the last orchard apple tree standing on our farm. It symbolizes five generations of Fletchers, a touchstone of the legacy that began with apples and pears. The orchard has been transitioning into a vineyard for awhile now, but we’re keeping this ancient fellow. It is so old, it is nearly hollowed out inside, yet it still manages […]

2017-04-24T02:34:01-07:000 Comments

A thrilling sight

Not everyone may get as excited as we do about this photo. The field is prepped, the irrigation lines have been laid and we’re about to plant baby Pinot Noir vines that will (hopefully) grow into something wonderful. Planting a new vineyard is expensive, exhausting but also surprisingly romantic. Every vineyard develops its own unique character; it’s like planting a […]

2017-04-24T02:34:34-07:000 Comments